Brunswick Local Redevelopment Authority




•  To advocate, plan and facilitate the construction of affordable housing for senior, retired and handicapped veterans and their dependents.


•  To advocate for homeless veterans and their dependants.


•  To serve as "honest broker" between the Department of Veterans Affairs and private developers for the construction of veterans' housing on Department (DVA) property, on other surplus Federal lands in Maine and on such private and public lands in Maine as may be deemed suitable.


•  To identify legal, administrative, economic, physical or other impediments to the development of veterans' retirement housing and to seek solutions to these impediments.


•  To seek private and public funds, facilities, equipment, land and technical assistance to further the foregoing purposes.


Using public programs and private philanthropies we aim to construct retirement homes in many locations in Maine. Our studies show that most Mainer's prefer to stay close to home.


Many veterans like the idea of living in proximity to others who have had similar lifetime experiences. Military service has given them shared outlooks. Many veterans want to look after each other and often have common interests.


As one grows older the notion of shoveling snow and raking leaves opens up one's eyes to the benefits of living in apartments and town houses regardless of one's age, physical condition or economic status.


We hope to provide a variety of housing options that cross the borders of family size or income. We recognize that by keeping families together in infirmity or old age we can maintain health and extend life. People and their mates look after each other and put off, often indefinitely, the specter (and cost) of being institutionalized.


We hope to make ancillary services readily available to those who need or want them: "meals on wheels", physical therapy, recreational facilities, libraries and so on.


In short we are interested in developing affordable retirement amenities for our fellow veterans.

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